Asset Management and Leverage

Many companies – and not just those in FMCG – have vast libraries of existing film and video material that is (often literally) gathering dust in a cupboard.

This ‘archive’ material  – often costing thousands to produce in the first place – can in many cases be re-purposed and re-used.

Whether this is for major anniversaries (for instance we did a lot of archive retrieval work for P Z Cussons during their 125th anniversary) or used for training, staff induction or even Social Media, the process can save money and often brings a whole new viewpoint to vital BTL and TTL communications.

Video as a Communications Medium

A lot of organisations are not utilising video correctly.  Video done right can imporove the bottom line, increase customer retention and goodwill.  But video used incorrectly will have the reverse effect.

I consult to companies showing them the most cost-effective and effective ways of using video, often saving them money at the same time.

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Other Consultancy services include:

Ad Agency / PR Agency video audits: Judging the effectiveness of output and recommending cost-effective methods of increasing coverage, reach and ROI per Client.

Company video audits: Many companies have different divisions all commissioning video; often there is duplication of effort. I take a company-wide view to ensure video is only being used where and when needed. My recommendations can result in considerable savings.

Video for Public Services:  Public Services have their own specific needs and requirements with video and I demonstrate and show how and where video can best be utilised – and where it should never be used!

Video for training. As someone who has a great deal of experience in producing, writing and directing training films, I can advise on what aspects of training can best be served by using film and video.

Video for Internal Comms. Many companies are now using video for this. But the effective deployment of internal messages is not secure if all you do then is put them on YouTube! Ask for more details of how to ensure everyone sees important video comms – in a secure way.

To find out about any of my services and how I can increase the effectiveness of video in your organisation, please contact me.